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The Sunder Law Office has Canadian Immigration Lawyers located in Toronto, Canada ready to help you with your immigration matter.

Our office exclusively practices in all areas of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law. Whether you are applying for a temporary resident visa, refugee protection, permanent residence, citizenship, dealing with inadmissibility issues, appealing a matter at the Immigration Refugee Board or are seeking judicial Review our dedicated lawyers can provide you relevant advice and guidance in all Canadian Immigration and Refugee matters.

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Practice Areas

Temporary Residence

At Sunder Law we can work with you to explore your options to visit, study or work in Canada.

  • Tourism
  • Tourism and Work
  • Family
  • Extend Stay
  • Temporary Resident Permit
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Permanent Residence

Options for Permanent Immigration to Canada. Includes economic immigration through Express Entry, family sponsorship and Provincial nomination.

  • Express Entry
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate
  • Refugees / Protected Persons
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Immigration Hearings and Appeals

There are strict deadlines and mandatory filling requirements that must be undertaken to appeal negatives decisions.

  • Medical Cases
  • Federal Court Applications
  • Criminal Cases
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Deportations
  • Mandamus
  • Removal Orders
  • Detention Reviews
  • Misrepresentation
  • Stay Removal
  • Protected Person Inadmissible
  • Protected Person Application
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If you have been a permanent resident for long enough, you might be ready to apply for Canadian citizenship. We can help you with your application for Citizenship and walk you through the process. If you think you might be a Canadian citizen because one of your parents or grandparents was a citizen at the time you were born, we can help you determine whether you have acquired citizenship by birth or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can answer an immigration question if we have sufficient facts. Obtaining those facts requires an understanding of your history. This history may include: employment, education, travel, previous interactions with government officials, family background, and other facts. The amount and variety of this information typically requires a consultation. On the other hand, some questions have short answers and may be answered by referring to the website: . We would refer you to that website for questions that have short general answers.

You are unique. We want to know about your unique situation. Due to the amount of information required to know your situation and the time spent, it would be required to pay for a consultation.

There are various paths for immigrating to Canada. Some general information is available at the following links on our website. If you have reviewed those links, and feel you may qualify, we suggest a consultation with us before proceeding with your visa application.

Changing status from visitor to worker while in Canada is possible in rare situations such as when you have a spouse in Canada. If you are from a visa required country the general rule is that you cannot change status from a visitor to a student or a worker from within Canada unless one of the exemptions apply to you see this article for more information.

In the vast majority of cases, you cannot sponsor a sibling, but you may add points to a siblings Express Entry profile.

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