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Sunder Law Office Services

Our Core Services:

Visa Services Mississauga

1. Visa Services

Work Visas

Secure the right to work in your desired destination with our expert assistance in work visa applications.

Student Visas

Fulfill your academic aspirations by navigating the student visa process with ease and precision.

Family Reunification Visas

Reunite with your loved ones through our dedicated family reunification visa services.

2. Permanent Residency:

Green Card Application

Navigate the complexities of green card applications with our seasoned team, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Permanent Residency Renewal

Renew your permanent residency status with confidence, supported by our experienced legal professionals.

3. Citizenship Applications

Naturalization Assistance

Take the path to citizenship with our comprehensive naturalization application support and guidance.

Dual Citizenship

Explore the possibilities of dual citizenship with the expert advice of our seasoned immigration attorneys.

4. Notary Services

5. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Navigate provincial immigration programs seamlessly with our PNP services, covering program eligibility assessments, application preparation, and support for entrepreneur and investor streams.

6. Family Sponsorship

Reunite with family members through our family sponsorship services, covering spousal sponsorship, parent and grandparent sponsorship, child, and dependent sponsorship, and more.

7. Restoration Services

Regain your immigration status with our restoration services, including eligibility assessments, application preparation and submission, legal representation, and appeals in case of denials.

8. Immigration Consultation:

Personalized Assessments

Schedule a consultation to receive a personalized assessment of your immigration situation and discuss viable solutions.

Case Strategy Development:

Work with our experts to develop a customized strategy that aligns with your immigration goals.

Specialized Services

Business Immigration

• Investor Visa: Navigate the visa processes seamlessly, whether you are seeking EB-5 or other investment-based visas.
• Corporate Immigration: Ensure compliance and success in corporate immigration matters with our specialized legal support.

Deportation Defense

• Removal Proceedings: Protect your rights and explore defense strategies with our skilled legal team in deportation or removal proceedings.
• Appeals and Waivers: Challenge unfavourable decisions with our appeals and waiver services, advocating for the best possible outcome.

Humanitarian Relief

• Asylum Applications: Seek refuge with confidence by entrusting your asylum application to our experienced legal professionals.
• Temporary Protected Status(TPS) Navigate TPS applications and renewals with our guidance for temporary humanitarian relief.

Explore the comprehensive array of services offered by Sunder Law Office.

Our mission is to provide you with unwavering support, expert guidance, and personalized solutions to make your immigration journey a success.

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